Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vine and Branches

I realized that i haven't really been using this blog much like a blog...
so ill restart with this update >__<

A couple weeks ago i went on a camping trip at Lake Arrowhead.

It was a rough week going into this camping tip cause i've just been swamped with stuff to do with no time to relax, take pictures, or really read the Word.

so i was going into this trip with the mind of seeing the beauty that God Created.
A colleague of mine described it to me as General Revelation. Where by God reveals his presence, majesty, and power through the beauty of his creations. The Stars, the Galaxies, everything.


I was so amazed at how clear the skies were. I just aimed my camera up and took a snapshot of the Milky Way.


I always wanted to try this on a clear night. Have the camera open and capture the movement of the stars. For this shot, i had it open for 30 minutes. I think that really big laser like star on the left is the North star.... but i wouldn't really know O__o

The trip was just one amazing sight after another. Granted it's stuff we have all seen before like leaves, trees and the sun. But there is something about setting aside time to appreciate God's creations that really puts things into a new perspective.


I try my best to capture the last bit of light form the sun when ever i can. Yet it still amazes me how sunsets happen everyday, but rarely do we have the time, or take the time to appreciate it.


I just love how the sun's rays just seem to dance on everything and make it glow.

but of all the thing that really made me think, the trees i saw were what really stood out to me. I'm reminded of John 15:5

I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing..


These gigantic pine trees were everywhere. I just couldn't help but see Christ as the Trunk. Us as the needles and branches, being fed nutrients off the trunk.
How the needles/leaves of the trees work together as one body to grow to produce seeds which drop and bring about new life.

This camping trip was such a blessing, i really hope i get more opportunities like this.

I have more pictures from the camping trip.... but ehh ill post them later
but some of them are up on my Flickr or my Gallery.



  1. i love the picture of the night sky. so beautiful =]

  2. I love the pictures of the night sky, Collins! beautiful :]

  3. isn't it true that the most beautiful things in the world are the things we see everyday but that we miss in passing?

  4. Thanks for the info