Friday, October 8, 2010

20 Hours till...

So it's about 20 hours till i fly to Hong Kong.
I haven't been back since i was a Junior in Highschool, and a lot has changed since then.

Id like to think that I've grown alittle bit since i was 15, but i dont really think so O__o.
the only thing i can affirmatively say is that now i have God, and a good camera. So for this trip i would like to experience both those sides of Hong Kong (the spirit within the city, and the beauty that city has within it's boundaries).

Just looking back at how beautiful the city was in 2004 really makes me anxious for whats to come. (i really do wish i had a better camera back then.... oh well.. this is still probably one of my favorite shots ever)

Downtown Lights

But Not only the myself, but the city i'm sure has gone through much. The last time i went was just after the fall of the SARS outbreak when Hong Kong was completely cleaned up. Hong Kong has held itself up against the economic crash in 2009. More recently, the people of HK witnessed the deaths of eight citizens in a tourist hijack situation. So much has happened in the past seven years, that it will be interesting to see what has changed. So now that I'm older, and with free reign to go pretty much anywhere. who knows...


My hope and plan for this trip is to:

  • Server God at Local Church

  • Take at least one good picture of the City or the life within

  • Gain about five pounds due to food, then work it all off back home doing some intense Iai

  • Its kind of scary to think that i went about 4 years with braces >__<


    I also have a cousin, Oscar, in HK.
    And here he is [ ^__^ ] carrying a basket for some reason


    He should be about 10 now..... thats scary O__O
    Its gonna be a lot fun hanging out with him >__<

    So much to do, yet a week seems like so little time.
    Oh well.... Here i go @__@

    Since 2004, Batman has officially visited the city. YaY ^__^


    1. take lots of pics bud. say hi to oscar for me

    2. Ah, this reminds me that I need to send Rodriguez-sensei an e-mail about the Hong Kong Suio-ryu group. I'll let you know if he gets back to me in time.

    3. Thanks sounds great.
      I just wish i had a bit more time here. @__@

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