Monday, October 11, 2010

The Flight to HK (Economy 2010's = First Class 2000's)

It's like 7am and i just felt like throwing something up.

So my flight was on a Cathy Pacific Boeing 777.


I brought all sorts of stuff to keep me entertained on my..... 14 1/2 hour flight. I was expecting that my Laptop would last about 5, and my books would take me through the rest. But here is what i found:

Outlets for laptop charging


Full entertainment system with TV shows, Movies, and Games:



(They had a couple episodes of Castle, Toy Story 3, Star Trek, Kickass, all sorts of Korean Dramas.... yah)

I don't fly every year, but i always felt like i flew pretty often and could see how planes were changing. But this just blew my mind. Back in 1998 - 2002 when i had the privilege to fly first class a couple times, I though full entertainment systems like these were only for the privileged few who would shell out for Business and first class. But now I don't really see much of a benefit to First class. (at least not on the plane i was on)

The Entertainment system even had an option to see the "On Plane Camera". They basically have a camera underneath the plane, and shows you whats going on outside. (i really liked this feature... as useless as it is)

On top of that, they had a drink holder that folds out even in the tray is closed


And a Menu for food (one of the options had  a slice of Sashimi >__<)


It just seems to me that with the ever advancing technology, the only benefit to First class is leg room (and for some people the ability to not socialize with your seat neighbor). But the First class seats i saw on this flight didn't have a clear view of the window. All the seats were angled diagonally towards the aisle. (dont have a picture T__T )


I just took a couple pictures from the plane .

take off


Playa Del Rey (i think)





and the Rain and Fog in Hong Kong ^__^


But yah its only been a day but im having a blast... More later ^__^


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  1. Well I am thoroughly jealous. You've been in 1st class a lot! Highest I've ever gotten was business, though clearly from your post it really doesn't matter anymore except leg room. =P