Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The City of Hong Kong

Yes it has taken me a long time to post this (a trip that happen near a month ago O__o..)


Hong Kong  is absolutely amazing.

I can't say that the city has changed much since the last time. It's still really clean and the food is still Awesome !!!

I want to say that the city has a lot of life. But thats just me trying tog et away from saying that its really crowded. I read somewhere that Hong Kong is probably one of the most populated cities in the world.  (wiki says its the 20th... but what evs)

Markets of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also probably has the most capitalistic society i have ever seen. Everything here seems to be based on market. Even the Money system can be printed by different companies and can look completely different from each other. I could be wrong on this... but it seems like different banks print their own style of say 10 or 20  dollar bills. Sure they are all worth 10 or 20 HK dollars, but they may be different sizes, quality, etc (some are even washing machine proof ^__^).

Every night shops open up on the streets to sell ... pretty much anything. From the messenger bags, clothes, fruit, to those... (i think those are table saws and sanders) things in the picture below. some which are legitimate products, others which are... cough

Hong Kong Used Stuff store

There are also Malls everywhere. The MTR subway/tram system stations are almost always either inside malls, adjacent to malls, or have mini malls inside them. On top of the mountain overlooking the city, is another malls providing pretty much the exact same shopping experience down below. At the pier overlooking downtown, there is a mall so long, that they decided it was necessary to have TWO swatch, samsonite, etc shops at both ends. Even at the gigantic buddha statue, there is a mall with a meat serving Chinese diner and subway.

MTR Subway system

Its just so odd to me that  the Hong Kong would need so many malls, and that they are all in business. I mean sure America is well known for its gigantic malls. But the way i see it Hong Kong is pretty much one Gigantic mall. They have a three story mall right under a skyscraper interconnecting to the tram system which can take you directly into ANOTHER MALL somewhere else.

But my favorite thing about Hong Kong was the transportation. I loved riding on the MTR subway/tram system. I always played a small game while riding the MTR. As the tram cars rocked backa  forth, i always tried to maintain balance while not holding on to anything. Really good for practicing balance.... for say a martial art ^__^.  (I actually really wanted to do Matsukaze down the tram cars.... and there is enough space as along as its not rush hour.)

MTR train car

Trains come about every two minutes, so you're never waiting too long. I mean sure a car is in general more convenient sure, but in terms of general travel around the city, MTR is fast, probably more friendly ecologically, and iono i just like public transportation. I would use it in LA if they had a fast tram system in place, but im sure thats never gonna happen. (yah there are Metro trains... but none of them go from LA to Irvine, and they are very very slow...)


So throughout my trip i tried about four times to get a picture of the city. Turns out Hong Kong is perpetually cloudy.... So this was my first attempt :

Hazy Hong Kong

I came back a second day and the it was pretty much the first time i saw sun in about 3 days

Day time Hong Kong

Mom and i went shopping in the area until it was just about sunset and was able to get these

Hong Kong City Sunset

Hong Kong Nightlife

(fun fact: Mom calls that tallest building the "Electric Shaver") ^__^

Then when we took a trip up to the maintain behind the city, i got this really cool shot of a trolley going to the Land of Make Believe  the Peak

Hong Kong Trolley

Another shot from the peak (probably my favorite shot of the city):

Hong Kong from Above

I have this really bad problem where i take pictures keep them, then pretty much just forget about it. I hope that i will stop doing that soon and find a process by which i can take pictures and upload them much more quickly. @__@

Heres hoping ^__^

anyways here area couple more shots i got of the City:

the Narrow streets of Downtown Hong Kong

Streets of Hong Kong

Skyscrapers and lens flares of Hong Kong (i really like intentional flaring)

Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

Downtown Hong Kong at night ^__^

Downtown Hong Kong
(more later)
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  1. nice pictures man, yeah I wish we had a better metro system too. They're working on it though, see?

  2. I absolutely agree with you, Hong Kong is amazing.

  3. Nice shot, keep shooting.
    I don't use the handle when taking the MTR, and it's fun, haha.

  4. Awesome photos! What do you use to process your shots?

  5. hi!This was a really outstanding theme!
    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to discover your topic in yahoo
    Also I learn a lot in your website really thank your very much i will come every day

  6. Hey thanks ^__^
    Guess ill have to post more often then >__<

    (wow i never would have expected my site to come up on a Yahoo search... But thats so cool that you're from Italy)

  7. Thanks guys ^__^

    I dont really process my photos much... When i do i just use Nikon's NX2.. i like cause it preserves the color from the camera (unlike lightroom)