Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Top 6 Favorite Movies (Intro)

While making my list of culturally important movies that everyone should watch. ( All while trying to watch all these movies myself  )

I was stuck wondering what my favorite movies are. The movies i go back to again and again and never get tired of watching.  The first three or so were easy but it became harder as i went further away from my favorite because there are so many good movies out there to choose from.

So I've come up with my top 6 Favorite movies. Why 6?
Because I like the number, and its small enough that i don't have to keep this up for too long, then accidentally forget to do it.

But before i do, i wanted to make a list of movies that could have easily been up there.

Movies That Almost Made Top 6:
(these are not in any particular order)

Star Trek (2009)
The first fifteen minutes pretty much sold it for me, and is perhaps my favorite part of the film. The Moment that Kirk's Father makes his choice to save the rest of the crew always makes me tear up. The rest of the film follows in an action packed, emotional ride that never lets down. I also like how the film was shot. I like how the camera flows, and the lens flares. The sci-fi is a little loose, but thats okay in my opinion. Star Trek II Wrath of Khan is also one of my favorites, (Shatner's speech at the end shows just how great of an actor that man is). But i just enjoy watching the fun, fast pace, and emotions of the 2009 Star Trek.

Seven Samurai
It's kind of hard not to like this film if one of your favorite pass-times is swinging swords around. But there is so much to love about this film. A look at how the different classes come together to defend a village from Bandits. The characters really make this film, and the cinematography allows them to come alive. The Samurai are the main focus in this film (duh) and each one plays its role in defending the village. This movie doesn't have a Hollywood ending, It has a realistic ending. That people don't all come together as one big happy family. I think thats what makes this film so good, It's real. The emotions between the characters aren't in your face like many other movies, But are more subtle like real life. The beautiful cinematography makes these Emotions come out even if there is no dialog. You can feel and sense the emotions from the lighting, angle, and facial expressions.


Nausicaa The Valley of the Wind
Miyazaki's first film is also my favorite. A movie version loosely based on the first 2 of a 6 book series. Nausicaa is a beautiful movie set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with gigantic insects. Nausciaa grows while facing the trials of leading her people against conquering armies. Joe Hisaishi's soundtrack pairs perfectly with the visuals of sweeping landscapes to create the most realist depiction of flight i have ever seen. In my opinion Hisaishi's work rivales Nobuo Uematsu in brilliance. My only gripe is with the ending... because there is so much more.

Probably one of the greatest moves of all time. It would be hard to find someone who doesn't at least know about the final scene in the movie (even if they don't know where its from). I love this movie because of the characters and how the actors feel so genuine. The Chemistry between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman is almost tangible. Yet because of their circumstances... you know the story. The shots, the story, the emotions all make this one of my favorite films ever... It was actually really hard not to put this on my top 6 list. But i think at this point Casablanca is definitely 7.

Disney Animated Features

Disney used to be the powerhouse of great family movies. Back in the days of "The Lion King", and "Aladdin". I could watch any one of those movies over and over again.
(i need to be clear about this, I am not talking about the newer Disney movies like "Atlantis", or "Treasure Planet"... However i did like "Lilo and Stitch" for Obvious reasons) Sure, some stand out over others. But each one is great in their own way. Starting with the "Little Mermaid", Disney really capitalized on the "Disney Formula". These movies were usually about someone who was restrained, either physically like the "Little Mermaid", race like "Pocahontas", or gender/class like "Mulan". Each wanted more from life, and throughout the movie this determination drives the story, defeats the villain, and leads to a happy ending. Sure not all of their movies worked like this, But most of the popular ones did.
Ill list two Disney Classics that stand out to me.

Its still surprising to me when a children's film shows death.. and this was back in 1942.. and Disney no less. But most people i talk to, that one part of the movie sticks with them the most. Goes to show you that a "kids" movie can have dark elements too. I loved this film for it, and it overall story about growing up, taking that step to protect those you love and care about. Ultimately life has stages. When you are a child, you talked like a child, you thought like a child. But when you grow up, you put childish ways behind.

Beauty and the Beast
This one is still pretty close to the Disney formula (not a bad thing) but i think this movie goes one step beyond. Bell started out like your traditional Disney Main character who wanted more. Then got exactly the life she wanted (a Castle, fairy tale environment, etc) and the beast that ran it all. While she was trying to run back home away from the Beast that tried to shackler her into his life. She saw the Beast defend her life. It was then that Bell chose the shackled life with the Beast. And you know the rest of the story. But i think its because of her sacrifice that elevates this movie above the other Disney movies.

Anyways Thats my Almost but not quite list
Ill be putting up my top six list one by one as i watch them over again in the coming weeks
YaY ^__^


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