Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trip to the Tian Tan Buddha

During my trip to Hong Kong, i was able to take a trip to the Tian Tan Buddha Statue.

If you guys don't know or haven't already seen it (or took glanced at the photos below >__<). This statue is gigantic. According to wikipedia (yes) one fo the top five biggest Buddha statues in the world, with 250 tons of bronze. pretty cool

But getting there is the fun part. We had take a Gondola . >__<

The Ngong Ping 360's 5.7 kilometer gondola system is actually pretty straight. So im not really sure why they called it 360... But anyways, its like a Disneyland ride except you are actually dangling hundreds feet above the ground. You'll see:

Just like Disneyland
The ride starts like a normal ride should. Like i said, Disneyland.

First Tower over Water

Then you look back and realize just how far off the ground you really are...

Looking Back

Then you look forward again and realize that there really isn't any intermediate towers until you finish your trek across the water...

Looking Forward

I should just stop talking and let you guys enjoy the view. ^__^

Safety Tower

Looking Back again

(looking backwards again) see that drop ??? we just came up from there

Lets ride on that one next time

That Gondola looks like a fun one to ride.^__^
Actually now is a good time to mention that (other than the maintenance one in the picture above)
There were two gondola options. There was the normal gondola, and there was the gondola with the glass floor. ^__^ ( i actually really wanted to try the glass floor.... But Mom would have never gone with me... T__T )

Still a Long way
If you didn't want to take the 25 minute gondola ride.... you could always walk.

Thar She Blows

And there is our first sighting of the 112ft tall Buddha

DSC_5864 Frower

Butterfly Blue Frower

took some time to get some nature shots >__<
(that butterfly in the lower left would not stay still T__T)

Main Gate

This will probably the be longest post I've done just because of the sheer number of pictures i want to share.

Anyways Mom and I came here back when i was like 4 or 5. Back then i just remembered how big it was, and i would always try to copy how he sat. >__<

So it was nice to come back and find things really commercialized. oh well... (there was a "Subway" up here...and by Subway i mean "Eat Fresh" anyways...)


Hong Kong Flags

Through the door

Got this shot through one of the temple doors

Long Climb Up

Its a pretty long trek up the stairs... But if you hang around Hong Kong long enough, walking long distances is pretty normal.
still climbing

Still climbing up the stairs. Like i said right... this statue is gigantic. things down there are people!!!

Up close

this is nice close up shot, but from here you really can't get a sense of scope.

Wide Angle shot

This was more like what i saw standing right next to it.

Distant Shot

A very traditional shot from far away.

This next one is probably my favorite shot of the day.

Sun Star

I love the sunstar >__<
To get the sunstar i had to use a really small aperture. This one was shot at f/16 on an 11mm lens.

Afterwards My Mom, Auntie and I went to have vegetarian food. ^__^

Welp that was my trip to the Tian Tan Buddha statue. As a follower of Christ it is always interesting to see other Faiths, and what their beliefs lead them to. Like this massive statue and those who regularly make the trip up here. But it was cool just visiting and taking pictures here. (I especially love the Gondola. >__< )

All of these shots can be found in the Hong Kong 2010 album of my Flickr


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