Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Shots from 2010

Hi everyone !!!
It's been a while.

Anyways (not like anyone reads this anyways) I've been rather busy lately and i honestly haven't been taking as many pictures. Lots has been going on but i think i'm going to start back up again by posting some of my favorite pictures from 2010 ^__^

2010 Photo Set !!!

Enjoy everyone


Rising SunConnecting LightDSC_9242DSC_1342DSC_5499DSC_5400

More photos in my album at Flickr: 2010
and my Flickr photostream ^__^

Thanks everyone

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I haz New Computerz !!!

Yay !!!
My time has finally come.

I've been using an old Pentium 4 PC for the last 6 years. Batch processing 100 raw files was an entire weekend devotion, can't watch HD videos at all, and playing any game made after 2006 forced to lowest settings (if not completely impossible to play at all).

For 5 years i was cool with it. I bought a PS3 for gaming so that i wouldn't need a new PC. I mean its not like it was that bad either. I later expanded the RAM to a whopping 2 GB. In general i thought it was good enough for what i did.